Fishing the Megabass I-Slide 262T November 12, 2015 15:20

As you've seen through social media for the past month or so, my clients and I have been doing rather well on the new Megabass I slide 262T.  

LOL I'm sorry Preston, hate that the world watches this over and over and over but DAMN that fish CRUSHED this bait!!! Forgive me buddy hahahaha.

I'm going to break down how I utilize this dynamic big bait to generate some of the most vicious strikes I've yet to see.

Gear Breakdown -

Reel - Shimano 2015 Conquest 400

Rod - Megabass Orochi F10-80XX Leviathan

Line - Pline 30lb CXX or Maxima 30lb Flourocarbon

Hooks - Stock (probably Owner ST-66)


The first thing about this bait is to understand that it's a very unique lure that is truly different than what is currently available in the market.  I've already read some comments from some people about how they don't like how it swims, blah blah blah, etc. etc. etc.  Frankly the fish's opinion is the only one that counts for me.  This is NOT a chuck and wind style lure.  It takes direct input from the angler to impart the action necessary to trigger bites.  It simply doesn't do much on a straight retrieve.  It took me 2 days or so with this lure to figure out how to get it to respond the way I wanted it to on command.  However, once I got a solid FEEL for the bait and what I could get it to do it's been a super productive option for both myself and my clients these past 4 weeks.  

First off it's a slow sinking lure, and tends to fish up higher in the water column.  If you ask the plethora of #InternetExperts, they might say it sucks because it stays high.  Well the key to this lure and any other lure is to understand it's capabilities and recognize opportunities when it can shine.  For instance I've been fishing some shallow water as well as deep submerged grass and timber.  The 262T fishes NICELY in these scenarios when another bait may sink out too much and get fouled or hung.  The super slow rate of fall almost allows the bait to suspend, which gives it a high rate of stall.  However it is CAPABLE of highly erratic movements, which makes it a unique tool in the arsenal.

I am generally fishing this lure with a slow and methodical pace/rhythm/cadence with short bursts of speed and erratic behavior leading up to prime cover/ambush points.  This is where the high rate of stall comes into play with this bait, it's like a GIANT suspending jerk bait and they CRUSH it on that long extended pause at times.  

A sharp and distinct twitch of the rod tip is necessary to get this bait to turn on a dime to begin it's gliding motion.  Simply using the reel to impart action doesn't take full advantage of the lure's capabilities.  Hit it with a hard, controlled snap of the wrist to get the bait to turn 180 degrees and throw just enough slack in the line to allow it to travel to it's fullest potential on the glide.  However, just a little too much slack and you'll allow the bait to turn past 180 degrees and it will probably foul hook the front hook.  It's a fine line that takes time to learn to walk.  You'd be pleasantly surprised at how far this thing will shoot out to the side at times.  Think of it from a following fish's perspective:  short glide, short glide, then a LONG glide and BOOM!  Those fish can't help it when it shoots out that far off to the side, you'll be able to anticipate and call shots on when those fish will commit.

When that bite comes, do not swing to set the hook.  With the sharp hooks, hard body of the lure and the taper of the Orochi rod, these fish will typically hook themselves.  All you want to do is sweep into them to the side and immediately get them moving towards the net.  Just as I have discussed previously, steadily grind them as hard as you can straight to the net or into the boat.  An exaggerated hookset will only pull the bait away from the fish most times, or barely hook them which leads to more fish lost.

This is a lure with a higher than normal learning curve, but frankly that's one of the things I LOVE most about it.  It'll keep these rampant #InternetExperts off our bite since they know EVERYTHING about the life that you and I live.  Put in the time to learn the I slide, I did and it's been paying off.